The Anxiety Post. | A Play By Play of My Real Life Anxiety Attack

When I was hit recently with my first anxiety attack in what feels like a lifetime, I knew it was a sign for me to share this again. If it will help just one person to know they’re not alone, then it was worth sharing this.


I have to admit, there have been times, many times…that we’ve visited the ER upon sudden onset of symptoms following or nearly right before a severe anxiety attack.

anxiety 2

In the last year I’ve had “cancer, blood clots, lyme disease, thyroid disease, a brain tumor, gallbladder disease, been pregnant…” the list goes on and it’s terrifying. Most of the time during these visits to the ER, I’ve completely exited my body and have no remembrance of even sitting in the waiting room or getting tests done because the anxiety has taken over my mind and body to the point of basically blacking out. It makes me a zombie. I’ve had thyroid ultrasounds, breast exams, EKGs, blood tests,  X rays…and they’ve all come back normal. What?! The symptoms were real, they actually existed. I swear I’m not making this up for sympathy, I DON’T want it to be this way…

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