20 Minute Mommy + Me Toddler Workout at HOME! | High Five Routine

Gone are the days of visiting the gym to tighten and tone with our favorite hard core workout jams plugged into our ears. With three kids, our only exercise out of the house these days is at the playground, on a bicycle with 3 minis toting behind us, or power walking through the grocery store.

These home workouts we’ve been doing are awesome! They’ve totally been a game changer to my self-confidence, motivation, and overall energy. Not to mention the added nap time every day resulting from the kids’ extra energy release in the mornings!

wo 3wo2wo 1

I won’t lie and tell you that Mommy and Me Workouts are always a walk in the park. Keeping littles focused for several reps can be tricky but, switching the boys back and forth between moves or doing short reps and repeating the routine a few times over and over seem to keep them motivated and excited!

For this workout, we do a lotttt of high fiving. High fives are just kind of a thing in our home anyway so, incorporating them into our routines is a no brainer.



mommy and me workout pin.png

2 thoughts on “20 Minute Mommy + Me Toddler Workout at HOME! | High Five Routine

  1. Wow thank you so much for sharing this. This seems fun doing it with your kid! When I work out at home, my son mimics everything I do and it’s so cute. Hehe. Will definitely try this next time!


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