About Me



Hey hey hey! I’m Steph! Author of TheHappeningHousewife.com
I’m Married to my IRL prince charming, James- an avid gym member, software tester, photographer, and the love of my life!
We spend a lot of our time together Netflix binging and celebrating life’s silly moments when we’re not hopping in the car for a spontaneous trip seeking adventure.

We have three adorable, and almost-always crazy, boys. Colin, Kenedy (Keke or KJ, for short), and Lincoln. The only thing I love almost more than being a mom, is sharing our family adventures on my blog and bringing people together to celebrate life.


When I’m not blogging, I’m enjoying my littles and hubby, always avoiding massive laundry piles, painting old furniture, throwing parties, and watching my hubs take beautiful photos of families that we love.


I’m passionate about people, especially the little ones.
My hope is to continue to grow and profit from this blog to one day soon purchase the farmhouse we’ve always dreamed of and continue having babies as we raise our family to be the best people they can be.


I’m totally guilty of pulling furniture out of other peoples’ trash the night before garbage pick up to transform it into something beautiful. Our garage is always full of chairs, mirrors, tables, and desks waiting to be sanded, stained, and waxed!

I love being a wife and mom, and all of our sporadic adventures.
While, some days being a mama and a wife can feel overwhelming, especially when the laundry pile is 6 feet high and I’m stepping on grapes and crackers every other move, I still wouldn’t trade it for the world.
I love my family and my friends and keep the ones I cherish as close as possible. I’ve learned over the years that with growth comes loss and that not everyone will stick around forever and that’s okay so hug them while you can and love them while you have them. The only thing you can give the world is your best.


One thing that I’ve discovered through blogging is that no matter how different our families and parenting styles may be, or how near or far you are to me, there is at least one or two things that we, as parents, are bound to have in common! Because of that, I am so excited and grateful that you’ve found your place in my little corner of the internet!
Raising littles can be hard and some days you may even feel like you aren’t
doing enough or that the job you’re doing isn’t quite right but, I try to share through this blog that I understand and I am right there with you battling similar battles encouraging you to laugh along the way unless you really just need a good cry. In the end, we will win this war together of raising good little humans to become amazing big humans.
As much as I wish that we could all sit and eat cake pops in my kitchen while cry-laughing over our piles of laundry and kids’ messy faces together, that might be close to impossible so, instead- keep up with me here and find me on Facebook and Insta to catch us on our down time!


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