5 Things To Do BEFORE Using Silhouette Sketch Pens

Recently, I’ve grown a newfound love again for my Silhouette Cameo. With all the amazing upgraded options they offer now and the ease of use in the software and newer machines, I couldn’t not divulge in the awesomeness while planning Kenedy’s fourth birthday which is, uhhh right around the corner!

One of my favorite things to use with my Silhouette Cameo is the Silhouette Sketch Pen Kit. Address envelopes, create coloring pages, wall art, and more with the touch of a button!

If I’m honestly speaking, the idea of using sketch pens in my machine really intimidated me for the longest time but, I couldn’t have been more wrong! It took forever for me to finally make the leap and just do it but, here I am *almost* a sketch pen pro sharing with you the 5 things I wish I had known before popping the pens into my machine!


1. Check your new ink

Like any brand new pen, you need to give each of your pens a good roll before locking it into the cartridge of your machine. I made the mistake of not doing this and after several attempts finally realized that because the pens are just that: pens…not markers, they need to be tested first! Roll each pen along a piece of paper and then voila! Your pen is ready to go!


2. Double, Triple check your cartridge placement

If you’re using a new Silhouette Cameo with dual cartridges, make sure to check the cartridge each of your pens are in before sending your project to the machine! There’s a blue and red circle on your machine atop each cartridge and in the send tab of your software. Make sure to double and triple check your marker colors and software before sending!


3. Change your settings

Before officially sending your project to the machine, make sure to change your settings from “cut” to “sketch!” You can easily do this in the drop down coordinating with the “Action” and “Tool” selections.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 1.41.05 PM.png

4. Reverse if need be

Reverse your project in Design before sending your project through when using vellum or a clear paper. Also, be careful of smearing with this paper, maybe stick to sharpies in a pen holder for this one!

5. Use the cut and sketch option together

Have a machine with dual cartridges? Make sure to put that to use! Save time and send your blade to cut immediately following your sketch!

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 1.41.25 PM.png

Well, there you go you crafty little thing you! Happy sketching + cutting!

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DIY Valentine’s Day Slime


You’ll Need:



  1. Pour liquid starch and clear glue into your Ziploc bag (in that order).
  2. Shake, shake, shake your bag!
  3. As you’re shaking your bag, mush the glue to spread it throughout the liquid starch while the bag is still zipped.
  4. Open your bag, pull the slime out, leaving excess liquid behind, and start molding, twisting, and mushing it together. It will be super gooey and slimy but, the more you mush and twist it together, it will form into a not-so-sticky and slimy, slime! This could take a few minutes so, don’t get discouraged and DON’T wash your hands with water! As your slime starts to form, it will collect all of the goo from your hands! Adding water will double this process time because of the extra moisture on your hands!
  5. Once your slime has formed, add your glitter and sequin hearts!
  6. Store in a Ziploc bag or airtight container. We found these really great small storage containers for all of the kids at our play date at Hobby Lobby! (I love to use plastic test tubes for our Halloween slime!)


FREE Letter From Santa: You’re on the Nice List!

It’s soon to be December 1 & I can’t wait to continue sharing some of our favorite traditions and family past times with all of you!

I know that so many parents kick off the day after Thanksgiving, or soon after, by welcoming their beloved Elf on the Shelf! Hubby and I just haven’t found the time or brain space to introduce another day-to-day tradition to our little home! For those of you like us, this will be an easy, print + go option to keep the fun Christmas spirit alive without sprinkling Elf Dust and powdered sugar on the floors of your kitchen! And for the awesome parents who make the time every night to set up those adorable little scenes with your favorite elf, this will be an added bonus for your babes!

Santa Letter Image.jpg

The boys love receiving things in the mail so, we popped ours in an envelope to drop at the post office until it makes it’s delivery to our mailbox!

Santas Letter Envelope blog.jpg

Get your free Santa’s List Printable HERE!!

Santa Letter.jpg

Want to drop yours in the mail like we did? Print your envelope from Santa HERE!


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Thanksgiving Save for Later Tags + Give Thanks Printable


Happy Thanksgiving families!

Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberries, Potatoes, and more will fill your tables this afternoon and well into the evening and hopefully your fridge for the next few long days! We all know the struggle too well though-as much as the left overs are enjoyed, fishing them out of the fridge not knowing what is in each Reynold’s Wrapped container, can be such a hassle.

When you lay the littles, and your husband, down for what will be the first of many naps this weekend, download and print this easy label system to help everyone in your family quickly and easily find what they’re looking for when it’s time to snack!


Saved for Later Thanksgiving Left Over Tags

Saved for Later Thanksgiving Left Over Tags BLANK

Love the “GIVE Thanks” art?! Download that here:

Give Thanks Art



Thanksgiving Banner Printable

IMG_0327 copy.jpg

What you’ll need:

  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Clothespins
  • Holepunch

Download here:

Pg 1   Pg 2   Pg 3   Pg 4



FREE Halloween Party Printables

Halloween Party Printable Set 1.jpg

Halloween Printable Set Pg 1/4

Halloween Printable Set Pg 2/4

Halloween Printable Set Pg 3/4


Halloween Printable Set Pg 4/4

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FREE Halloween Glow Sticks Printables

[Re-post from Halloween 2015]

As part of our “Candiless Halloween”, little man and I put together these awesome and ooh so adorable TREATS for our home school Halloween party! Michael’s sells a pack of 15 sticks for $1.50. Pick up a few tubes of these awesome little glowers, grab a hole punch, and print away!


You’ll need:

Glow sticks, heavy card stock printer paper, hole punch, ribbon or twine (optional)

Halloween Glow Stick Printables

Stay safe! Happy Halloween!

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FREE Thumbprint Activity

What you’ll need:

  • Tiny fingers
  • Washable stamp pad
  • Counting in 5’s Thumbprint Activity printable

Flower Thumb Prnit Printable.jpg

_Q7A2996 copy

Grab yours here: Counting in 5’s Thumbrint Printable

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DIY Chippy Paint Chair Makeover

Fan of all things Joanna Gaines, farmhouse style, & refurbished furniture? Yes?!  Then we just became BFF’s.

Now, I love taking chairs out of someone else’s trash and refurbing them into something I’ll love forever but, using my favorite paints by Annie Sloan can sometimes get expensive. So, here’s a quick tutorial on a Valspar version of crackle (aka chippy) paint!


  • Power Hand Sander (This will save your life.)
  • Sanding Sticky Sheets


  • Chair, Table, Furniture, whatever you can find. (Local thrift stores, antiques fairs, and garbage days are my fave)
  • Valspar Crackle Glaze
  • Valspar Sealing Wax
  • Valspar Paint (I usually go with the samples from Lowe’s at about $3.00/ea.)
  • Dish rag
  • Dish Soap
  • Alcoho

IMG_7707 copyIMG_7709 (1) copy

So, before you begin it’s best that you sand your piece, you may have trouble with your paint and glaze adhering to the furniture if you don’t. To be honest, this is my favorite part…which is why I have my husband do it! hahaha

IMG_7703 (1) copy

Next, you’ll want to wash all the sanding dust off of your piece. Grab some cheap dish soap, hose, a rag and get to scrubbing. Place your furniture in the sun for quick drying and leave it alone for about 45 minutes. Once it’s dry, take a rag with some alcohol to it to get any left over oils off.

Now, add a helping layer of that crackle glaze onto your, in my case, chair!

Allow to almost dry (it still needs to be tacky) and add your first layer of paint.

Continue this process until you achieve the look you prefer! (Yes, glaze over the somewhat wet paint & then allow to become tacky, and paint again!)

IMG_7718 copyIMG_7723 copyIMG_7722 copyIMG_7727 copy

Once ours was completely painted, I sanded in some spots that I wanted extra wear (arms, corners, exterior knob type finishes, etc.)

To finish your piece and make sure you don’t leave lingering chippy pieces throughout your home every time you pass by your furniture, add that sealing wax! Let everything dry first and goo on that sealing wax while working it into your furniture with a gentle rag.

Voila! You now have yourself a piece that looks like it could have come straight outta Magnolia Market!

Happy DIYing!


FREE Around the House Printables

Is your little one itching to start reading? These Around the House labels will help get your child reading ready!

Print, cut, and pick up some label pockets like these ones I found at Target, for a fantastic visual aid to prep your child for reading!

labels 4

Around the house labels.jpg

Around the House Labels Page 1

Around the House labels Page 2

Around the House labels Page 3


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