Non-Candy Halloween Treat Bags! + FREE Printable!

Non-Candy Halloween Treat Bags! + FREE Printable!

Col’s school is hosting a Halloween Carnival this year so, we thought it would be super fun to send him in on carnival day with some special treats for his friends!

For our treat bags, I grabbed a pack of 24 Assorted Play Doh Cans, these adorable cookie cutters, and mini raisin boxes!

To finish off your treat bags, grab your FREE Halloween Tag printable HERE: Halloween Treat Tags 2017!

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DIY Elastic Kitty Cat Headband

DIY Elastic Kitty Cat Headband


  • Sticky Sided Black Felt
  • Pink Boa
  • Black Fold Over Elastic
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Marker

Kitty Ears Post Board.jpg


DIY Halloween Confetti

DIY Halloween Confetti

In need of extra flair for your Halloween Party?!

Grab some sequins, googley eyes, construction paper, chenille pipe cleaners, and glitter to create a fabulous party confetti that your guests are sure to love!

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DIY $5 Shark Costume

DIY $5 Shark Costume

Shark Costume Diy Photo Board.jpg

Last Minute Mom Costumes

Last Minute Mom Costumes

I used to plan months in advance for Pinterest-worthy matching family costumes and as much as we all loved it, the price tag and struggles of DIY-ing each costume got the best of me. Now, it’s all about what can be thrown together from things we already have, which ends up being better fun, 5 times more cost effective, and makes the Halloween weekend (month) less stressful!

meow tag

kitty cat 1

kitty 5

kitty 6

This adorable Kitty Cat headband is from Target’s $1 section last year! Yay for Target!

Once you have your kitty cat ears, throw on a plain black tee, some black leggings, and pencil on your kitty nose and whiskers with a liquid liner pencil!

grecian goddess


This one was seriously SO easy! I pinned a white sheet I had laying in my linen closet over one shoulder and under the other arm, tossed on some of my fav white blingalicious earrings, and added this GORGEOUS gold headband that I am absolutely obsessed with from Acute Designs.

scarecrow tag



Yay! Alright, this one might be my fave.! I raided hubby’s closet for this baggy plaid top, slipped into some jeans, added moccasin boots, drew on a “stitched” mouth and nose, put on a wool hat from Target, and shoved some crinkle paper into a few pockets! Perfect, right?! Grab some silk flowers if you have any laying around for an extra touch! Easy Peasy!

Hope this helps if you’re having a last minute party dilemma!

Happy Halloween!

FREE Halloween Glow Sticks Printables

[Re-post from Halloween 2015]

As part of our “Candiless Halloween”, little man and I put together these awesome and ooh so adorable TREATS for our home school Halloween party! Michael’s sells a pack of 15 sticks for $1.50. Pick up a few tubes of these awesome little glowers, grab a hole punch, and print away!


You’ll need:

Glow sticks, heavy card stock printer paper, hole punch, ribbon or twine (optional)

Halloween Glow Stick Printables

Stay safe! Happy Halloween!

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DIY Halloween Giant Spider Craft

DIY Halloween Giant Spider Craft

This year we decided not to take our White Chritmas Tree down, come New Year or, ehh…Valentine’s Day? That’s usually when we get around to it. Instead, we decided to leave it up all year, light up our home every evening, and decorate it according to the seasons and holidays! I’ve been waiting for September 1 to hit so we could finally bring out the Halloween ornaments that I bought on clearance last year! Our Witchy tree needed a little more spooky so, this week, little man and I set out to make the best, gigantic fuzzy spiders that we could!


  • Jumbo black pom poms (hobby lobby)
  • Tacky glue or Elmer’s liquid glue
  • Googley eyes
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Black and white striped twine

Instructions:1. Wrap four pipe cleaners around your finger to make a spiral and cut in half. You want 8 spirals altogether as your legs!

2. Add a drop of glue to the side of your pom pom and glue one end of your leg onto your spider body. We had a little trouble with this part but, if you hold your spider body firm, you can push one end of your pipe cleaner into the side! Make sure to leave them to dry for approx. one hour and don’t move or touch them until they’re dry and adhered!

3. Add your googley eyes! Little man only wanted two eyes but, momma went a little googley eye crazy and I added 8 to mine in all different sizes!

4. Now, tie a loop knot with your twine, add a drop of glue, lay the knot onto your glue. Let the glue dry and once everything is ready, hang your gian, jumbo, fuzzy spiders!

If you don’t have a tree like us, hang your spiders from your mantle or light fixtures! We will definitely be adopting more of these cuties this season and hanging them all over the house for a fun and spooky Halloween!

Have fun and stay safe this season!

Happy Halloween!