10 Things To Do Before Your Disney On Ice Experience! + A GIVEAWAY!

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Get your littles ready for a guaranteed spectacular-fun time at Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream with these 10 tips!

Tip #1. Purchase + pick up your tickets in advance. (Make sure to use a discount code on tickets! )

Go the week of and hit up the box office at your show’s arena to save time and skip lines by picking up your tickets in advance! Save 20% off select seats with code SAVE20. Not valid on premium VIP seating. Get yours now for the best available seats! Code expires September 7, 2017.

Tip #2. Scout parking areas.

While you’re picking up your tickets in advance, ask the box office attendant or scout out the best parking areas for the night of your show! Make sure to arrive early to find the best parking!

Tip #3. Eat beforehand.

No-one likes to spend outrageous prices on snacks from concession so, take the family out for a nice meal before you head to the arena to keep from rumbling bellies and empty wallet syndrome!

Tip #4. Be prepared with your children’s necessities.

Does your little have sensitive hearing? Pack headphones.

The show falls 30 minutes after bedtime? Put a lovie or small blanket in your bag.

Pack for your family’s needs and anticipate worst case scenarios! (Diaper blow outs, thirsty babes, etc.)

Tip #5. Dress for the event.

TONS of kids dress up for the big show! To make sure your little fits right in, make sure to dress them in their favorite Disney tee or costume!

Need some ideas?

Girls Costumes







Boys Costumes


Prince Charming




Tip #6. Locate bathrooms on your seat level.

Make sure to locate the nearest bathroom to your seat and make a stop there before finding your spot for the show!

Tip #7. Set behavior expectations.

Let your kids know prior to walking into the arena what is expected of them. (i.e. no kicking chairs, keep hands to yourself, staying in their seat unless they’re on mom or dad’s lap, try use the bathroom before + after the show and during intermission, spending limit on souvenirs, etc.)

Tip #8. Make a plan for souvenirs.

If you plan on letting your littles choose a souvenir before or after the show, prepare them with a spending limit or budget. The prices can get out of hand at times and you don’t want to be walking back to the car after your show with $150 in light up wands and cotton candy.

Tip #9. Pack binoculars.

No matter how near or far your seat is, binoculars always add an extra touch of fun to your experience! Grab a pair of these super cute kid-friendly ones for each little to save yourself a mid-show battle!

Tip #10. Pack light + prepare for a security check.

Your show is only a couple hours long so, make sure to only pack the necessities and be prepared for a security check when you arrive!

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WIN a Family 4 Pack to DISNEY ON ICE Orlando!

I am super lucky to be a Feld Entertainment Blogger Ambassador! In exchange for sharing my love and thoughts about their super fun awesomeness, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and other exclusive opportunities! Without their generosity, I would not be able to provide my readers with such fun giveaways like this one!

We’re SO excited that Disney on Ice presented by Feld Entertainment will be back in Orlando this September at the Amway Center! The boys can’t wait to get out and do something fun after this long summer spent stuck at home with a very pregnant mama!

To celebrate our excitement and share in all the things we love about Disney on Ice, we’re giving one lucky fam a pack of 4 tickets to enjoy the show!

Want even more exciting news?! Moana, Maui, and their gnarly friends will be ditching the waves to hit the ice for the first time at this year’s performances! K already has his Maui ponytail holder picked out with a side of “you’re welcomes” and temporary tats!

Along with the crew from Moana, you’ll see Beauty, Beast, Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, Flynn Ryder, and my personal favorite-Rapunzel, as they hit the icy stage for a spectacular show!

Enter to win + get more info below!

Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream.

Get the deets:

WHERE: Amway Center | 400 W Church St #200 | Orlando, FL 32801

Sep 8, 2017 Fri 7:30 PM
Sep 9, 2017 Sat 11:00 AM
Sep 9, 2017 Sat 3:00 PM
Sep 9, 2017 Sat 7:00 PM
Sep 10, 2017 Sun 1:00 PM
Sep 10, 2017 Sun 5:00 PM
(*GIVEAWAY TICKETS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR: Friday, Sept. 8 at 7:30pm OR Saturday, Sept. 9 at 11:00am)

Tickets available for purchase online at Ticketmaster.com | Via Phone at 800-854-2196 | Box Office at Amway Center, Orlando.

Make sure to share your experience using: #DisneyOnIce #DareToDream @DisneyOnIce @AmwayCenter #AmwayCenter

Save 20% off select seats with code SAVE20. Not valid on premium VIP seating. Get yours now for the best available seats! Code expires September 7, 2017.


Enter to Win!

Giveaway begins 12:00am August 15, 2017 + ends 12am August 24, 2017. Winner will be selected at random. The winner will be notified on August 24, 2017 of their winnings and must promptly reply with 24 hours to confirm, claim, and select their showtime. Tickets must be picked up at the Amway Center Box Office starting Thursday, September 7 during regular Box Office hours (Monday through Friday | 9am to 6pm and three (3) hours prior to any event). Please arrive to pick up your tickets the day of, no later than 30 minutes before show time. Paid parking is available in the nearby GEICO garage.




Why I Chose NOT To Share My Special Needs Child’s Swimming Success On Facebook

Okay, I know what you might be thinking by the long title up there…”uhh, it doesn’t make a difference to us either way…” Maybe, maybe not. But, if you’re interested in knowing why, I’d love to share with you.

So, I am totally the type to post all of my kids’ success stories on Facebook. I mean, I’m obviously biased when I say that i think I have the coolest 4 year old on the planet but, hey sometimes we’ve got to keep a bit of their coolness under wraps so the other little tots don’t get jealous, right? Totally kidding.

Okay so, rewind three weeks back when hubby and I were almost ready to give up this summer on teaching the little man to swim this year. We’ve had that kid in the pool EVERY SINGLE DAY. Once the pool was warm enough-ish to swim, he was in the pool with a cheer squad rooting him on at the side lines and GUESS WHAT? He DID IT! Right as we were ready to stick him on a noodle for the rest of the summer, HE DID IT.

I could already see it: long Facebook post about how incredible it was to see him swimming before his 5th birthday, tears rolling down my face as I shared our success with the online world, and all of our friends and family commenting their praise. It would be perfect.

Why didn’t I do it? Why didn’t I share our triumph on the one platform that we knew everyone would see? It’s simple really: SOME THINGS ARE MEANT FOR US & ONLY US.

There are so many things we, as “millennial parents” share with the world. What we eat, where we vacation, our good and bad relationships, our stance on politics, the things we think are funny, hell, even the things we see in our most private moments…you know, on the toilet. BUT, sometimes there are things that should just be kept sacred. Maybe not forever but, at least enough time to embrace the moment without a phone in your face or a camera strap hanging over your shoulder. Do I have photos and video of that day? Duh. I mean, I’m not saying that I don’t want to remember this amazing moment but, am I going to share them with you? Not right now, maybe not ever because this is something I want to keep to myself.

Now, cue the tears. There are so many things we question in our life with Col. Will he grow up to live on his own someday? Will he have successful friendships and relationships when he gets older? Will he get married some day? Shit, I even question (and secretly hope) that he will become the next Bill Gates, seriously.

One of the things we have recently questioned is if he would swim before he was in school…before he was surrounded by other kids his age who would or just had another possible reason to bully him. At the beginning of the summer, I remember specifically telling hubby that I thought for sure the little would swim before Col. I was wrong and I feel so guilty for it but, I am SO happy that I was WRONG.

I wish I cared a little less about being so selfish and keeping this moment to myself…actually, no i don’t but, I am sorry that I won’t be sharing this HUGE moment for our family with you and I hope more than anything, this post encourages you to do the same with some of your kids’ major moments in these few little person years that you have with them.

So, to end this…I would tell you to comment your recent kids’ success story below but, that would end this post as an oxymoron so, instead, I want you to remember it a little longer with your family and embrace these moments that you have with them!





ULTIMATE List of Florida’s Springs

Ultimate List of Florida Springs.jpg

Alapaha Rise Springs
Alexander Springs

alexander springs.jpg

Aucilla (Wacissa)
Baltzell Springs
Beecher Springs
Blue Grotto Springs
Blue Hole Springs State park
Boulware Sweetwater Springs

Branford Springs

Bugg Springs

Cedar Head Springs

Chassahowitzka Springs
Cypress Springs

De Leon Springs State park

Devil’s Den

Devil’s Ear/Eye/Little
Emerald Springs

Falmouth Karst Springs

Fanning Springs Park

Fern Hammock Springs

Gainer Springs

Gator Springs

Gemini Springs

Gilchrist Blue

Ginnie Springs

Green Cove Springs

green springs 3green springs park

Hart Springs

Homosassa Springs State park
Hornsby Springs

Hunter (Kings Bay) Springs

Ichetucknee Springs State park

Juniper Springs

Lafayette Blue Springs State park

Lime Sink Springs Run State park

Little River Springs

Madison Blue Springs State park

Manatee Springs State park
McCormick Springs
Morrison Springs
Natural Bridge Springs State Park
Orange Springs
Otter Springs
Paradise Springs
Peacock Springs State park
Pitt Srings
Poe Springs
Rainbow Springs State park

rainbow 1rainbow 2
Rock Springs Run
Rock Bluff Springs
Royal Springs
Running Springs East, West
Salt Springs (Marion)

Santa Fe Springs State park
Shangri La Springs
Silver Springs
Silver Glen Springssilver glen 1.jpg
Siphon Creek Springs
Spring Creek Springs
Starbuck Springs
Steinhatchee Springs
Sun Springs
Suwanacoochee Springs
Suwannee Blue Springs
Suwannee Springs
Telford Springs
Three Sisters Springs
Treehouse Springs
Troy Springs State park
Volusia Blue Springs

Vortex Springs

Wacissa Group Springs
Wakulla Springs State park
Warm Mineral Springs
Weeki Wachee Springsweeki wacheeweeki wachee 3weeki wachee2
Wekiwa Springs State parkwekiwa springswekiwa springs 1wekiwa springs 2
Welaka Springs

Ultimate List Fl Springs Guide.jpg

Have you visited any of these springs?! Let me know which are your favorite!!

FREE Hiking Scavenger Hunt Printable

Going hiking? Sometimes it’s hard with kids! Make it interesting and purposeful for them with this FREE Hiking Scavenger Hunt!

Download your FREE Hiking Scavenger Hunt here!


hiking hunt copy.jpg


Hiking Scavenger Hunt

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hiking hunt copy.jpg

Great Smokey Mnts. Summer 2016 Re-cap!

Another “toss the boys in the car, pack as much as you can in 20 minutes, and hit to road” trip was on our agenda for this weekend! North Carolina was calling our names and the Florida heat was unbarable so, we packed up, and hit the road for our favorite trip yet!

Clingmans Dome has been on hubby’s bucket list for quite some time now so, that was first on our list! Before we knew it, we were elevating to 6600 feet in no time but, made a few stops on the way!

If you’ve never visited the Smokeys, add it to your bucket list NOW. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. There are river rapids you can view from the mountain side’s winding roads, waterfalls gushing out of the side of the mountain, and driving through clouds and tunnels dug out of a mountain is something that never gets old.

While on our drive up, we spotted a super cool 9 story tower that was only .50 cents a person to climb and free of any other people. So, we pulled over and climbed it! The boys loved the view and the climb was easy enough for our tiny legged two year old to take it one step at a time!


After that, we got back into the car and headed further up the mountain. As I said before, there are these breathtaking river rapids that you can see from the road. When we first approached them, they looked pretty treacherous but, as I peeked further, fishermen were in my sights down below in the river! So, we pulled over to a somewhat-hidden start of the trail paralleling the river and walked down to the water. This was hands down one of my favorite experiences of our trip and really, of my 27 years on this planet. As you follow the trail, you come up on this wondrous view of the rapids under a bridge, i swear, it was straight out of a “Tom & Huck” movie. The boys didn’t hesitate to take their shoes off to dip their feet, toss rocks, and splash around while enjoying the sights under the bridge! The river rocks were HUGE and the water was more refreshing than any Florida spring that I’ve ever visited. (You can also rent tubes and ride them down the river, this is a must for us on our next trip back!)

_Q7A1105 copy_Q7A1106_Q7A1107_Q7A1109_Q7A1111

Back in the car and elevating higher. After taking in all of the mountainside views, we finally reached the start of our hike up to Clingmans Dome. The cool thing about the hike is that a. It’s FREE and b. You have the option to hike on the pavement or through a wooden, dirt trail (Appalachian Trail). We hiked up the paved road and down the dirt trail (which was deff best of the two). When we reached the top, the clouds were heavy, normally you can see somewhere between 5 & 7 states from the top of Clingmans Dome but, on a hazy day like ours, you could only see the tops of the trees. So, we will be back ! The dirt trail down was my personal favorite. The rain started pouring down and the lush dirt was starting to puddle. One of the best things of being a mom is to see your kids having fun in nature so, to see mine jumping in dirt puddles and hiking through the rain down the side of a mountain was something I will treasure forever.


We hid under a tree for a few minutes as we took in the surroundings, listened to the birds, and created a plan to finish our hike down. I hiked up with little Keke on my back in our carrier up the mountain and Little Man was ready for a break on the way down so, I traded them out, hubs carried Keke and we made a run for it through the pouring rain! The rain was cold, refreshing but, cold and worth the soaking wet clothes by the time we reached bottom! The boys had so much fun hiking down through the rain and most people were huddled up under trees on top of rocks so the trails were clear of people, minus a few here and there!


After a long day or hiking, and a few car naps on the way back to our temporary home, we headed out for dinner and rested before our drive back to the Sunshine State! (Did I forget to mention the amazing herd of Elk on our way back?! Like 10 feet away from us stood these beautiful elk some with uber huge antlers! We had to wake the boys up to see “Santa’s Reindeer“! They loved it!!)


Our original plan was to stay 3 nights and 4 days but, we get home sick easily and wanted a relaxing day back in town to gather our thoughts and unpack before the work week started! So, we rested for a few hours, got up in the middle of the night and headed home! Even though we were really only able to enjoy the mountains for a full day, our 16 hours in the car was all worth it! We will absolutely be back and can’t wait to see what the next Great Smokey Mountain adventure brings us!

Take a peak at our trip in the video here and follow along to see more of our adventures!


USA Fans Printable

Sometimes it can get excruciatingly hot during the summer season but, don’t suffer when it comes to celebrating the summer fun! Grab some popsicle sticks or paint stirrers, a hot glue gun, and some scissors!

Print, cut, and glue!

USA Fans

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Our Holiday Weekend Overview

As I sit here, looking back on our weekend, I can’t help but wish it hadn’t ended so soon. Hubby took the day Thursday to celebrate his 29th, and boy does he wear it well. On a last minute whim, we tossed the boys in the car and hit the road for a 5 hour road trip to visit a South Carolinian city we’ve never seen. Charleston is beautiful, had we not had so much awesomeness waiting for us back at home, we probably would have stayed longer. The historic buildings were straight out of a story book and the cutest little Tacos & Tequila bar we ate at was fantastic! Our trip there wouldn’t have been complete without catching an ocean breeze from the Atlantic and letting the littles run through White Point Garden! On our way back we saw the most amazing pink shot gun house, which as my husband guessed, I would have packed up and moved right in if I could’ve.

The next morning we visited the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry: BEST PLACE EVER! If you’re visiting with children, this deff needs to be a check marked off of your list! What I loved most about the museum is that unlike most childrens’ museums, the CML is all one level. When you walk in, to your right is a remarkable two-story kids’ castle built into the walls with realistic cupboards, a kids sized kings bed, cauldrons, and dress up! Under the castle is a pretend horse stable with stick horses and a pail to feed. Just past the castle is an art room full of supplies, easels, magnetic walls, and tables to fill your little one’s crafting heart for days! The best part about the art room? Anything you paint or create can be left to dry, and you can come back later in the day for free to pick it up and continue playing as long as you keep your sticker to re-enter!

At the other end of the museum is a recreation of a Publix Market and great play area for kids 3 and under with toys, cubbies, and ride alongs. As you head to the play area, you’l pass through a building zone with LEGOs, big blocks, funky bricks, and more. After the building room is a water zone with a volcano built out of a wall, maneuvers to make the sun shine and rain pour down, and the benches?! They’re large coolers! Cutest thing ever! One of our favorite rooms however, was just past the water zone. As you finish playing with water, you’ll enter into a room with a Pirate’s crashed ship! Cling onboard to find a real life touch on a kids pirate ship play area with a rocking floor in the captain’s room, a sink, cubbies, and windows in the on board kitchen, a huge deck finished with a real telescope, and a fish net that drops down to catch realistic looking fish! If you’re feeling extra daring, throw on a pirate costume and head into the pirate’s jail cell-one of Col’s faves!

If that isn’t enough, there’s a sensory garden outside with a real firetruck to steer, outdoor games, and a spot for basketball!

The staff was all polite and willing to help tag along with the kids! We read books as they played and chased after them through the castle playing hide and seek!

Once we finished at the children’s museum, we stopped in at the Train Museum across the tracks! It was free and the boys loved the friendly elder greeters and the green and red train!

The time on our parking meeter had run out so we figured we should start heading back towards Florida but, first I was ready for a quick pit stop in Savannah for some of the best fudge and pralines!

We made it home just past 9 and hubby lit off some birthday fireworks before the boys crashed! Spending Saturday relaxing around the house was much needed after a spontaneous 10 hours in the car!

Sunday we started up again, visiting at the beach with my best friend and her hubby while we al played in the waves and soaked up some rays…total pun intended there Ray & Ray ;)! Of course, the day would’t be normal without little K passing out in the water as I held him!

After a day in the sun, and this momma coming home resembling a lobster, we crashed and prepped for the holiday where we would spend a spectacular day with friends on a beautiful lake not too far from home! The weekend was outstanding but, that was the best day of all! We swung on a wooden swing from the most beautiful tree, at a wonderful family’s 100 year old home, and watched fireworks and lanterns right over the lake!

Thank you to all of our friends and family who made this our best Fourth of July yet!

Check out our weekend in pics!



FREE USA Sign Printable

In need of some quick DIY summer decorations? Start here! Just grab an 8×10 frame and print out one of these for a fun, easy, patriotic piece!

Print HERE

Fourth Printabe.jpg

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FREE 4th of July Sparkler Printable

Hey families!

Need a quick party favor for your Independence Day BBQ?! Just print, cut, and slide some sparklers into these adorable cards! Your friends and family will love the quick extra touch that you’ve put into making the day special! Grab the matching drink tags here! Happy 4th!

11 copy.jpg


Sparkler Printable

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