Sponsors & Partnerships


I’d LOVE to hear from you! If you’re interested in sending me a product from your company or a company that you represent, I’d be happy to review, promote, and feature your product(s) on my blog and other social media outlets if they match the value and demographics of my blog!

For Partnerships, Representative Positions, Giveaways, Travel, and/or Sponsorship info, read below and use the contact form to send some details to my inbox! 

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts that enable me to share stories and tips about family travel, whether it be destinations, gear, or tips, are a great way to communicate the value of brands to traveling families. Honesty is incredibly important to me, so I only partner with brands that I believe in and would recommend to a close friend!

Hosted Travel & Press Trips

In order to write about Family Travel, we have to do it! Since The Happening Housewife is a family travel & lifestyle blog, the majority of the travel I cover is with my family! Traditional press trips may be a good fit in some instances, but I also partner with hotels, CVBs, and attractions at destinations our family has already planned to visit to give on-the-ground coverage about experiencing totally awesome destinations with kids!

Giveaways / Contests

The Happening Housewife will offer giveaways from time to time that are relevant to my blog’s content. I am very selective in choosing giveaways to make sure that they are a good fit for the site’s audience. A minimum product/service value applies. Giveaways usually include a stand-alone post and promotion of the giveaway on all of my social media outlets. Winners are announced via direct email.  The giveaway sponsor sends the free giveaway item directly to the winner. I currently use Rafflecopter to run giveaways!

Brand Ambassadorships

Although, I am extremely selective when it comes to working as an ambassador or affiliate, I love working with brands under longer term sponsorship arrangements and brand ambassadorships as long as they fit my blog! These relationships are so much more than just a sponsored post and are a way to give my followers and readers a full and rich picture of your company or destination for the long run!

Interested in working with The Happening Housewife?

Need a Media Kit?

I happen keep one in my back pocket justttt in case so, make sure to include that when you shoot your email over and I’ll send it your way!

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