Our Story

our story tab.jpgIn 2010 James and I met and instantly fell in love!

daddy 1.jpg

1 year later, we had our first baby and our family has been getting bigger since!

In December of 2011 Colin was born and filled our hearts with so much love and joy!

brothers 5.jpg

Shortly after, we bought our first home and have transformed it from an empty, torn apart house into a beautiful, love-filled home for our boys.

In 2012, Colin was diagnosed withΒ ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and as High Risk. He’s incredibly intelligent and very high functioning but, with the abundance of knowledge in his little mind, comes struggle to process it all so, we run a tight schedule and live out of a color coded planner. We do a massive amount of research to stay up to date on things that work for families like ours, whether it be diet, therapies, activities, or routines!

brothers 7.jpg

In 2014 we were so excited to bring our second baby into the world. Named after JFK himself, after finding out that we were having another boy on the assassination anniversary of the late JFK, our little Kenedy is a ball of quirkiness with a little bit of diva and a lot of love all mixed together.


And now, we’re very excited to bring baby number three into our little world.

Expected to arrive August 2017.


Follow along and watch our family grow and take on life’s many adventures!