THE COOLEST Backpacks For Boys!

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Summer is coming to an end and we’re gearing up for Back to School!

Send your little hunk with a totally rockin’ backpack that will keep him excited all year!

cool little boy backpacks for toddlers




Boys backpacks 1.png


3D Rocket BackpackStar Spangled Oxford | STATE Garfield Color Bock | STATE Kane 

 Legs + Arms ROBOT| YODO Shark Backpack


boys backpacks 2.png


MOMMORE Perfect SizeBright + Belted | Quicksilver Chompine Cool Kid

 Quicksilver Chompine | MOMMORE Perfect Size Brights


boys backpacks 3.png

Simple Navy | JJ Cole Pastel Blast Off | HERSCHEL Settlement Sprout

 Puppy Pal Backpack | Dino For A Day


Let us know your little’s favorite style in the comments!

cool little boy backpacks for toddlers



Twinning With My Minis | Rey to Z!

Guys. I can’t even believe Summer is coming to an end already. Our schooling lessons have been planned, we’re getting back into our normal daily routine, and to say that I missed it all would be a total lie.1O0A85371O0A85551O0A84641O0A84001O0A8394

To give the boys one last spontaneous adventure, we tossed our gear in the car and headed out onto the beach. One of our favorite places in the entireeee world is Flager Ave. (New Smyrna Beach, FL). The boys usually grab a fresh popsicle at one of the local spots and we walk up and down the sidewalk peeking in at the shops before letting them run wild on the beach once the cars have cleared out for the night.


As you guys know, the boys are always in the sun, and protecting their neck is something James will tell you, I’m a total freak about. So, when I saw the vintage-style monogram hats from Rey to Z, I had to have them to step up our hat game.


How cute are these crazy littles in their twinning hats?


I know, I can’t. K would have slept in his if I let him.


Let us know what you’re doing this weekend to bring your Summer to a killer close!

Rey to Z Pin.png