6 Shopping Apps You Should Make Space on Your Phone For!

6 Shopping Apps You Should Make Space on Your Phone For!

This time of year always sneaks up on us. You know the time: when the boys are going out in public with shorts too tight and embarrassingly high above their knees, tee shirts and belly buttons playing peek-a-boo, and shoes that aren’t even passable for another kid’s hand me down collection. Living in Florida, we only see Winter for a few weeks and we’re just about out of that small speck of a cold season so, it’s a total purge of the kids’ closet…and dad’s wallet.

I’ve learned in my last 5 years of being a mother that nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing should be purchased without a coupon, sale sticker, or discount, unless it’s necessary. As much as I wish that I was one of those moms who carries a binder full of coupons into the store with her, I just don’t have to time or patience to do so (*major kudos to those of you who do). BUT, unless my phone is dead or in someone’s hand under age 5, I can always be seen with a handful of snazzy mobile coupons taking anywhere from 20-50% off of my total bill!

That’s where this post comes in. I originally posted this in September of 2014, one month after the launch of The Happening Housewife but, it only included 3 of the 6 apps that I save with and I knew it was time for some major tweaking and updates. So, here it is:

1.Shopular- My absolute favorite shopping app is Shopular. It’s an easy to use, coupon and savings app.

Things to LOVE:

  • Very user friendly
  • Sign Up is simple You don’t have to go through a lengthy sign up process to use it
  • Select your favorite stores to store at the top of your feed to save time when shopping
  • Automatic sale finder (when Location Services is turned on) Set the app to use your location, when you pull into a shopping plaza or mall, the app will pop up with all of the deals available through the app in that location. & When you slide open your app, all of those deals will automatically move to the top so they’re easier to access!
  • Outlet Store Coupons available
  • Easy to Scan No zooming or downloading necessary
  • Search Bar Makes it easy to find and search for the store you’re shopping at
  • Shopular takes and uses your recommendations There was a time shortly after I posted the original content of this that I was really hoping for a small handful of stores to be added to the app. I sent them an email and within 60 days, the stores were all available in the app!
  • Available on Android + IOS

2.Shopkick- An app that gives incentives and rewards just for scanning select product barcodes in a store registered with the app.That’s right- you literally don’t have to buy anything to start reaping the benefits of Shopkick.

Things to LOVE:

  • User friendly The app updates daily on how many “kicks” are available for certain stores making it easy to include Shopkick your shopping trips.
  • Reminders when on-site When you walk into a store that is registered with the app or has current “kicks” available, the app will remind you to “check-in” and use it (bluetooth enabled).
  • Easy to scan barcodes It’s very rare that I have trouble scanning an item that is ready for “kicks” when using the built in barcode scanner.
  • Incentives + Rewards The really great thing about this app is that the rewards are actually things that most people want or use. Oh, and don’t forget their referral program. Please feel free to sign up…HERE!
  • Double + Triple Points Several times throughout the year, Shopkick will offer it’s users double or triple earnings for scans.
  • Available on Android + IOS

3.Cartwheel- An app specifically designed for Target shoppers to easily save during their shopping trips.

Things to LOVE:

  • User friendly After adding your savings to the Cartwheel app, all you have to do at checkout is show the cashier the barcode in the “Checkout” tab at the bottom of the app. It will tell you how much you’ve saved since the start of your Cartwheel adventures!
  • Weekly new ad reminders 
  • Easy to scan barcodes The app has a built in barcode scanner which will search the entire app for discounts on your items. Headed to the register and forget to search and add a few items to your savings? Scan those last few items to make sure you’re not missing savings! (There are times that I’m scanning while things are on the checkout belt!)
  • Search Options Not interested in scanning with the barcode scanner or prefer to add your savings before even walking in the store? The search makes it easy to save your discounts without scanning.
  • Combine with Target coupons and discounts You can combine your Cartwheel savings with savings, sales, and coupons from the Target app.
  • Available on Android + IOS

4. Gmail- I know, this isn’t specifically designed for saving on the go. However, if you open an email account just for savings memberships and link it to your Gmail app, it totally works like a coupon charm.

Things to LOVE:

  • Search Option The one thing I have always loved about Gmail is that the search tool is the easiest and most useful of any email search tool in my opinion.
  • Easy to delete unused and outdated savings Gmail makes it easy to delete emails by checking them off and removing them in bulk.
  • Multiple uses This goes without saying but, the Gmail app can be used outside of a coupon or savings app.
  • Birthday Clubs Signing up for a membership with a brand or company that offers Birthday Clubs can lead to MAJOR discounts that you may not receive otherwise.
  •  Extra savings Similar to Birthday Clubs, enrolling in memberships and promotions from retailers can get you tons of extra savings and coupons that other apps may not offer.
  • Available on Android + IOS

5. Retail Me Not- This one isn’t my absolute favorite but, it’s my go-to when noone else has a discount code or coupon for a retailer that I know typically offers savings.

Things to LOVE:

  • Search Option Is it obvious yet that I would never use a discount app without a search tool?
  • Available online as well as mobile app The fab thing about RMN is that everything available on the mobile app is also available for use on the desktop.
  • Viewable recent usage Although RMN doesn’t delete all of the older discount codes it has, the most recently, successfully used deal will be available at the top of a store’s feed! It will tell you if the discount has been verified by users and how many times a certain discount has been used through RMN.
  • TONS of savings RMN offers more savings from each retailer than any of the other apps I’ve listed. I don’t know how they do it but, just today they have 35 available offers with 9 verified discounts for the Gap alone.
  • Available on Android + IOS

6.Flipp- This app is fairly new in my collection but, it’s been really great so far.

Things to LOVE:

  • Search Option Yes, again with the search feature. The Search tool in Flipp let’s you look for specific items and brands, not just stores.
  • Over 800 Big Name Retailers Think of an app that offers all of those “Big Box” ads in one place…that’s what Flipp gives you. No more flipping through huge circulars when you walk into a store to see what their latest sales are. With Flipp, you’ll know what your savings will be before you walk in!
  • Shopping Lists- This one makes it super easy to create a mobile shopping list before hunting down all of the ingredients for that delicious Pinterest recipe you’ve been craving!
  • Extreme Couponing without the big binder Clip coupons in the app for instant savings at the checkout. (For US user only)
  • Notifications before discounts expire Set reminders to use coupons before they  expire
  • Available on Android + IOS

Happy savings!


Santa came to town for under $50 … Gymboree, Lego & Crocs

We”re only three days into September and you better believe I have more than half of my Christmas shopping done, & not just for my little guys!

This year has been really awesome for me, but one of the best things about the year so far is my Santa stock pile! Compared to last year, I’m triple the amount of goodies I had hoarded for almost the same cost! I’ve been pulling the reigns super tight on getting items for a low cost or free! This Christmas stock pile includes items from Gymboree, Lego, Marvel, and Crocs, and out of pocket cost me less than $60!


My favorite item here is the Captain America motorcycle toy. It’s from Target and originally had a price tag of $19.99. I seriously looked at this toy almost every time I visited Target, my beloved second home. I had to make a trip for my mom a couple weeks ago to pick up some grocery items for her, lucky for me she almost always let’s me keep any of the merchandise gift cards from her purchases, since I use the cartwheel app to save her $$ each time! (If you haven’t used the Cartwheel app, you’re definitely missing out!). The toy was marked down to $6.98! I got $15 in gift cards back for the entire purchase, so it ended up being FREE! I also got the two mini Planes roller cars ($1.49 ea.), a Transformer figure ($1.78), and the Little Einsteins ball ($5.68). Everything total came to just under $18, but with my free gift cards I only paid $3!

CA toy

One of my favorite places to shop for kids clothes is Gymboree. I know I know, who DOESN’T love that place? But, for me I just can’t spend almost $100 on one (ADORABLE) “matchy matchy” outfit that will be out grown by the end of the season. However, I CAN totally spend $26 on two outfits, a tank top, and two sweatshirts! Yes I just said $26! Total retail for every piece is $150. I am always watching for when Gymboree is having their end of season sales. I want to say they have about four huge clearance sales a year, but don’t quote me on that. 🙂 Very rarely will I even shop the regular clearance rack at this store but, I do usually stock up for the next season when they have an additional 50 or 60% off of the clearance items! The socks in this set were only $.79, and they match perfectly with the $7 shorts and shirt set!

hippo sethippo socks

I also love Zulily, but I don’t ever order clothing from them. The best way to shop Zulily in my opinion is to only purchase things that you know the regular retail price on, & I recommend maybe do a little hunting to make sure you can’t get it any cheaper elsewhere before you give in to the “deal”. Not that I’m discouraging ordering from them, but a delivery from Zulily can sometimes take up to 6 weeks and if you don’t like your purchase, more than likely you can’t return it. I also have a hard time paying $7.95 or more for shipping. Especially when it takes so long to get to my door step. With that said, I have found a small solution to the expensive shipping. TIP* When ordering from Zulily, if you have multiple items, check out with the item that gives you the lowest shipping cost (I have found the lowest to be $5.95). Once you place your first order you have FREE shipping for 24 hours! Voila! You just paid $5.95 for everything to ship! You’re welcome ;).* Zulily also offers a referral program, which is how I was able to get the Lego policeman flashlight, Crocs, and Lego storage boxes completely free. By referring a few friends through my link, I received credits back to my account which can be used on any item.


My hubby is a sucker for Bed Bath and Beyond, so on a trip to kill some time, we picked up the superman Lego alarm clock. Retail price for this item is $19.99 but we used our 20% off coupon which brought it to $16. This is the most I spent on an item in my Christmas collection, but daddy is a pushover for his little pal. I did also pick up some cutesy whale printed reusable baggies for lunches.

superman clock

The last few things I got were from RueLaLa, Kohls, Beall’s, and JCPenney. All of these items were free as well. From RueLaLa, I ordered two sets of gorgeous, slate, spade shaped wine notes, which I love, and a gift for my sister in law. They also offer a similar referral program and were running a special on credits for $25 FREE. (I will do an entire post on RueLaLa and a few other amazing sites in the near future). For JCPenney and Kohl’s, I am subscribed to their mailing list, which I highly recommend. Every few months both retailers send a free $10 off of any $10 purchase coupon. Even if there isn’t anything I need or want, I ALWAYS find a reason to use these coupons. It baffles me when people let theirs expire because it’s FREE money! At Kohl’s you usually don’t even have to spend up to $10 to use it, so I actually walk out with a completely FREE item! From JCPenney, I got the Batman swim trunks and a Captain America Tee for $2. At Kohl’s I found a super cool toy from the Disney Planes movie and it was marked down to $7.98, so with my coupon it was FREE. The dragon slippers were from Beall’s on clearance for $1.79 and I had an extra 50% off of all clearance coupon, which made these less than $1! For $.60, I couldn’t pass them up.

planes toy

Thanks for reading! I know it was a long one but, I’d love to hear what you’ve stocked up on from your Santa list this year!

kisses THH