DIY Chippy Paint Chair Makeover

Fan of all things Joanna Gaines, farmhouse style, & refurbished furniture? Yes?!  Then we just became BFF’s.

Now, I love taking chairs out of someone else’s trash and refurbing them into something I’ll love forever but, using my favorite paints by Annie Sloan can sometimes get expensive. So, here’s a quick tutorial on a Valspar version of crackle (aka chippy) paint!


  • Power Hand Sander (This will save your life.)
  • Sanding Sticky Sheets


  • Chair, Table, Furniture, whatever you can find. (Local thrift stores, antiques fairs, and garbage days are my fave)
  • Valspar Crackle Glaze
  • Valspar Sealing Wax
  • Valspar Paint (I usually go with the samples from Lowe’s at about $3.00/ea.)
  • Dish rag
  • Dish Soap
  • Alcoho

IMG_7707 copyIMG_7709 (1) copy

So, before you begin it’s best that you sand your piece, you may have trouble with your paint and glaze adhering to the furniture if you don’t. To be honest, this is my favorite part…which is why I have my husband do it! hahaha

IMG_7703 (1) copy

Next, you’ll want to wash all the sanding dust off of your piece. Grab some cheap dish soap, hose, a rag and get to scrubbing. Place your furniture in the sun for quick drying and leave it alone for about 45 minutes. Once it’s dry, take a rag with some alcohol to it to get any left over oils off.

Now, add a helping layer of that crackle glaze onto your, in my case, chair!

Allow to almost dry (it still needs to be tacky) and add your first layer of paint.

Continue this process until you achieve the look you prefer! (Yes, glaze over the somewhat wet paint & then allow to become tacky, and paint again!)

IMG_7718 copyIMG_7723 copyIMG_7722 copyIMG_7727 copy

Once ours was completely painted, I sanded in some spots that I wanted extra wear (arms, corners, exterior knob type finishes, etc.)

To finish your piece and make sure you don’t leave lingering chippy pieces throughout your home every time you pass by your furniture, add that sealing wax! Let everything dry first and goo on that sealing wax while working it into your furniture with a gentle rag.

Voila! You now have yourself a piece that looks like it could have come straight outta Magnolia Market!

Happy DIYing!