All this Florida heat has my heart aching for another trip to Greenville like the one we took last Fall!

As a top contender on our bucket list for the South East, we knew our official “See The Trees” trip for 2017 would be this beautiful South Carolina town! Since we don’t get to see too much of the jaw-dropping Fall colors in Florida, our entire fam jam looks forward to our Autumn road trips!


The first box on our list of things to do was marked off when we wandered through downtown and took in all of the breathtaking historic buildings, statues, and clock!


The weather was perfect for exploring and traffic was light so, wandering on the sidewalk was less risky with three littles as we walked through town! Along the road were full trees worth of leaves laying on the ground waiting for a couple of boys to toss and kick around! I bet you can guess who was first in! K was in heaven and couldn’t resist laying in the fallen leaves!


As we made our way through town, we could clearly see the beautiful Falls Park on the Reedy!

Equipped with tiny cafe’s, a suspension bridge, stairs, waterways full of ducks, and incredible falls right in the center of town, this spot definitely made for a family favorite!


See that bridge up there? It’s called the Liberty Bridge and it’s 345 feet of onlooking views of some seriously awesome cascading falls!

This bridge was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in life so far! Being that it’s suspended by cables and it was a bit windy on this day, you could feel the entire bridge sway! The boys spent most of their time running from one end to the other and looked down on the rocks in the falls below!


The boys were obsessed with the rock walls and climbing structures throughout the park so, prying them away was a chore and thankfully I had a little surprise up my sleeve that hubby and I knew was coming up in our explorations!



Not far from the Liberty Bridge is the edge of the park that is home to exposed roots of the Medusa Tree. Yes, you read that right. This tree literally looks like someone flipped Medusa upside down and shoved her into the side of a small mountain!


After touching almost every root of the tree, we were ready for a quick Pizza pit stop! We stopped into a small mom and pop pizza spot on our way back through town and filled our bellies before heading out for more adventure!

At some point in all of our trips, we like to just pile into the car with snacks, blankets, pillows, and spare clothes to hit the road and explore! It may sound a little scary but, we always make the best memories pulling onto the roadside and finding hidden streams, hiking trails, and parks!

This adventure found us under an old gothic stone bridge collecting leaves and and splashing in a creek!


This bridge is called Poinsett Bridge and it’s the oldest bridge (built in 1820) in South Carolina and presumably the oldest standing bridge in the South East! If you trek atop rocks in the creek, you can stand under the 14 foot tall arch and see well off past the bridge where the creek continues to flow!

Finding the bridge was easy, as it was on the side of the road and clearly visible after a major curve in the mountainside!


This was definitely a high in our family travels list and we will definitely be going back this year for more adventure!

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Our Holiday Weekend Overview

As I sit here, looking back on our weekend, I can’t help but wish it hadn’t ended so soon. Hubby took the day Thursday to celebrate his 29th, and boy does he wear it well. On a last minute whim, we tossed the boys in the car and hit the road for a 5 hour road trip to visit a South Carolinian city we’ve never seen. Charleston is beautiful, had we not had so much awesomeness waiting for us back at home, we probably would have stayed longer. The historic buildings were straight out of a story book and the cutest little Tacos & Tequila bar we ate at was fantastic! Our trip there wouldn’t have been complete without catching an ocean breeze from the Atlantic and letting the littles run through White Point Garden! On our way back we saw the most amazing pink shot gun house, which as my husband guessed, I would have packed up and moved right in if I could’ve.

The next morning we visited the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry: BEST PLACE EVER! If you’re visiting with children, this deff needs to be a check marked off of your list! What I loved most about the museum is that unlike most childrens’ museums, the CML is all one level. When you walk in, to your right is a remarkable two-story kids’ castle built into the walls with realistic cupboards, a kids sized kings bed, cauldrons, and dress up! Under the castle is a pretend horse stable with stick horses and a pail to feed. Just past the castle is an art room full of supplies, easels, magnetic walls, and tables to fill your little one’s crafting heart for days! The best part about the art room? Anything you paint or create can be left to dry, and you can come back later in the day for free to pick it up and continue playing as long as you keep your sticker to re-enter!

At the other end of the museum is a recreation of a Publix Market and great play area for kids 3 and under with toys, cubbies, and ride alongs. As you head to the play area, you’l pass through a building zone with LEGOs, big blocks, funky bricks, and more. After the building room is a water zone with a volcano built out of a wall, maneuvers to make the sun shine and rain pour down, and the benches?! They’re large coolers! Cutest thing ever! One of our favorite rooms however, was just past the water zone. As you finish playing with water, you’ll enter into a room with a Pirate’s crashed ship! Cling onboard to find a real life touch on a kids pirate ship play area with a rocking floor in the captain’s room, a sink, cubbies, and windows in the on board kitchen, a huge deck finished with a real telescope, and a fish net that drops down to catch realistic looking fish! If you’re feeling extra daring, throw on a pirate costume and head into the pirate’s jail cell-one of Col’s faves!

If that isn’t enough, there’s a sensory garden outside with a real firetruck to steer, outdoor games, and a spot for basketball!

The staff was all polite and willing to help tag along with the kids! We read books as they played and chased after them through the castle playing hide and seek!

Once we finished at the children’s museum, we stopped in at the Train Museum across the tracks! It was free and the boys loved the friendly elder greeters and the green and red train!

The time on our parking meeter had run out so we figured we should start heading back towards Florida but, first I was ready for a quick pit stop in Savannah for some of the best fudge and pralines!

We made it home just past 9 and hubby lit off some birthday fireworks before the boys crashed! Spending Saturday relaxing around the house was much needed after a spontaneous 10 hours in the car!

Sunday we started up again, visiting at the beach with my best friend and her hubby while we al played in the waves and soaked up some rays…total pun intended there Ray & Ray ;)! Of course, the day would’t be normal without little K passing out in the water as I held him!

After a day in the sun, and this momma coming home resembling a lobster, we crashed and prepped for the holiday where we would spend a spectacular day with friends on a beautiful lake not too far from home! The weekend was outstanding but, that was the best day of all! We swung on a wooden swing from the most beautiful tree, at a wonderful family’s 100 year old home, and watched fireworks and lanterns right over the lake!

Thank you to all of our friends and family who made this our best Fourth of July yet!

Check out our weekend in pics!